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Shari Block

Shari Block

Travel out of YOUR ordinary!

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I'm Shari Block, Owner of Find Your Happy Transformational Travels. As a Travel Specialist, I know true adventures go beyond inclusive packages or simply picking incredible destinations. I help discerning women leave behind the constraints of the everyday and take the epic journeys they have always dreamed of, in the company of like-minded people. It can be overwhelming to choose and plan so I remove the angst from this process, creating itineraries that balance the active with the introspective, while inspiring the confidence to try new things. I aim to exceed expectations with my commitment to facilitating extraordinary, meaningful experiences and connections while upholding the principles of ethical tourism.I'm a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur, educator and promoter of happiness with big dreams. Obsessed with red wine, my two chihuahuas (Don Pablo and Mimi) and (perhaps obvious?) travel.

I didn't always have this business: helping women to take their bucket list trips, with a balance between active and introspective. In fact, much of my life has been dedicated to education. Both my own, achieving a Masters of Social Work in 2010...and working to ensure all children in my province have the opportunity to receive the education they deserve. I thought I had found my purpose...but the universe had other plans for me.

A remarkable moment of solitude by a lake in Northern Manitoba attuned me to my higher purpose. It was one of those stripped-down moments where you feel a part of something bigger. Where you feel all the things. And I knew I wanted to create those moments for other people. Empowering travellers to connect with themselves and others of like-mind, and at the same time feeling good about their travels because they are respecting and honouring the world we move through. I have always loved to help others and am delighted to help people find deeper meaning in this way.

When I'm not busy creating unforgettable journeys, you will likely find me cooking up a vegetarian feast, hiking (weather dependent), on my yoga mat, listening to podcasts or planning my own next trip!

My favourite part of what I do is hearing my clients describe how empowered, free and happy they've become! PLUS: seeing their smiling faces in beautiful places! It absolutely lights me up to help people tap into the power that resides within them, and find the connections that makes this journey of life a less lonely one. It can be overwhelming to choose and plan, let me take that stress away. I aim to inspire you to broader horizons and exceed all expectations.

I want you to come home saying, "Never in my wildest dreams..."

BIG blessings,



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Shari Block

Shari Block

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