Valentine's Day is coming quick...why not make it extra-special?! According to research conducted by by the U.S. Travel Association, couples who travel together report feeling more content in their relationships and having better sex. When you're intentional about spending quality time together and in unfamiliar territority, you are more apt to connect and openly communicate with one another. In most cases there will be more laughter, exercise and sex, which release oxytocin. Haven't heard of oxytocin? It's the bonding hormone.

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Here are 10 tips for planning a good couples getaway:

1) Pick a place where you both want to go. Write down your top 10 places you want to vacation and compare it with your significant other’s. Do your lists overlap? Can you meet somewhere in the middle? Perhaps select a romantic destination that sets the scene!

2) Research the destination together. That will increase the quality time together even before you leave!

3) Agree on a budget. People easily argue about money. To be together and even more in love after the trip, you should set your budget ahead of time. And stick to it!

4) Don't overschedule. It can be tempting to try and cram it all in. But sleeping in and having breakfast in bed probably isn't something you do often at home. Doesn't that sound yummy?! Spontaneity can also keep things romantic. You may even find that your best memories come from the moments you didn’t plan.

5) Find activities you can do together. Maybe your ideal trip includes sky diving or whitewater rafting, but your partner's idea of a perfect escape revolves around lounging at the beach with a margarita in hand. Make sure the destination you select has enough activities you’ll both enjoy. And consider compromising. By compromising it allows your partner to experience something they really want, and it also opens you up to experiences that you may not have even thought about, and end up loving!

6) Put your devices down and disconnect so you can connect (or reconnect) with each other.

7) Splurge on a few indulgences. Fine dining, wine, spa...whatever's your jam. Maybe all of it! Live it up! Take a bottle of champagne down to the beach and enjoy it under the stars.

8) Try new things! Be adventurous. Try out activities you wouldn’t have the chance to at home. Always fancied surfing? Scuba diving? Even if it’s just tasting a local dish for the first time, by doing something you and your partner haven’t tried before, you’ll both bond over the new experience, bringing you closer together and providing an exciting joint memory.

9) Manage your expectations. Every day is not going to be filled with champagne, macaroons, and orgasms. (Though hopefully, they'll be some of all of the above.) Be prepared to move out of your own comfort zone. There is potential someone is going to f*ck up. A lost charging cable on the minor end or more major, you'll get terribly lost because somebody was adamant that east was west. Get angry, calm down, and leave it go.

10) Keep the positive feelings and memories going after your return home. Capture a wonderful moment in a photo or buy your partner that small souvenir they’ve had their eye on all week. Find a memento that will remind you both of vacation romance whenever you see it.

Traveling strengthens bonds, adds excitement and variety to life and provides couples with the time and space for intimacy, so everyone should do more of it! No partner? Don't feel glum chum...studies have also shown that travelling makes you sexier and more appealing to potential mates.