Most of my life I have felt socially awkward. Anxiety talking to new people is the least of it to be honest. Travel forced me to get over that and recognize that I am not exclusively an introvert. It's shit the bed and waste the money you spent travelling or get out there and embrace what is.

You might be thinking right now, maybe that worked for you, but it will never work for me. Hear me out...

Let's break in down, shall we...


OMG I've had some serious meltdowns before I leave, particularly when I'm flying solo. This is what helps:

Remind yourself why you want to travel – Whenever you think about canceling your trip, picture yourself in the place you most want to visit, and tell yourself that you have to get there and see what it’s like.

Imagine your life a year from now – What will happen if you decide to cancel your trip? It’s likely that a year from now, you’ll find yourself thinking, Damn, I had the chance to travel and I didn’t take it. It was the fear of living with regrets that forced me to take a chance and leave.

Connect with friends - it never fails, if I am getting anxious before a trip and connect with some people that know me well, they will remind me of my strengths and all the thoughts and planning that went into my trip.


I would never tell you that I don't have some severe anxiety while I travel . Hell to the yes I do. But I don't let it stop me, and have organized some great strategies that keep it more than manageable.

Set money aside for the bad days – If you are on a budget, and I recognize all of us are not, set aside money so you don't always have to pick the cheapest option. Sometimes it's worth the splurge on a luxe hotel room to camp out in to pamper yourself and rejuvenate.You deserve it, as does your mental health. Especially if you ever experience something stressful and traumatizing, book yourself into a fancy hotel room, treat yourself to room service, and have a long, hot bath to relax. Take time out of your schedule to make yourself feel good.

The trick is to not allow yourself to do this for too long. Once I get into the habit of staying inside, it can be tough to pull myself back out of my hole and start exploring again. In cases of burnout, exhaustion, or bouts of anxiety,

Remember bad luck can often be good luck – Whenever I’ve had to deal with bad luck while traveling, I’ve felt disheartened and even considered returning home. What helped to keep me on the road was changing the way I viewed these unpleasant experiences.

Anxiety leads to irrational thoughts and will forever have you worrying about the worst-case scenario. Sometimes that scenario will actually happen — and you’ll survive it. You’ll realize you’re far stronger than you thought you were, that the things you were most anxious about are never actually as bad as you expected, and that you’re well equipped to deal with things going wrong.