Housing nearly six percent of the planet’s existing biodiversity, Costa Rica has become recognized as one of the most environmentally conscious nations in the world, with beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Its impressive variety of natural habitats include the cloud forests, dry forests, volcanoes, lowland rain forests, tropical mangrove swamps, and thriving plantations of coffee, mango, pineapples, and bananas to name a few. The cast of creatures ranging from toucans to armadillos to howler monkeys only serves to add to the exotic flavor of the country’s colorful landscape.k

Costa Rica is a stable and peaceful democracy. It’s recognized for its pioneering conservation efforts, remarkable biodiversity, and its genuine hospitality. Whether you’re looking to simply relax on one of the many idyllic beaches, explore canopy life as you race through the famous cloud forests on a zip line, or take a dip in beautiful volcanic hot springs, Costa Rica has something to offer every nature-lover.

I say the best time to visit Costa Rica is anytime. And the sooner the better! With that being said, some would say the best time to visit is the dry season, from mid-December to April. Lots of sunshine makes it an ideal time for lounging on the beaches and exploring rainforests. Being peak season it means it will be more expensive and more crowded with tourists.

Prices are at their lowest during rainy season, May to November. I have been in both August and November. In August the only rain shower I experienced was when I took a day trip to Nicaragua. During my last visit in November 2017, weather wasn't as perfect but I still got some lovely beach and pool time in, among other things. So ultimately it's up to you to prioritize which is more important, budget and less people versus the promise of better weather. During June and July may actually be the sweet spot as the rain subsides and greenery and flowers bloom widly!