It's Never to Early to Start Planning a Bucket List Adventure

    Do you dream of hiking to Machu Picchu? Eating (and drinking) your way through Tuscany? Cruising down the Nile River filled with awe? Exploring the Serengeti while staying in a posh safari lodge? If you're dreaming about you're next trip post-pandemic, you're not alone.

    When you've waited all your life to take this one special trip, or even just through recent pandemic restrictions, you want everything to be perfect. And you definitely want to skip the cookie cutter experience. 

    I aim to plan your holiday perfectly - customizing your bespoke bucket list holiday to your unique preferences and interests - and organizing it all flawlessly. Whatever "once in a lifetime" means to you; I will bring the vision to life.  In fact, I want you to return home saying, "Never in my wildest dreams..." An extraordinary holiday tailored just for you. 

    No matter what your age, you can (and should) start planning the trip(s) of your lifetime right now. 

    Dream up a trip. We'll make it happen!

    Ready to start planning?  Working with Find Your Happy Travels is a very collaborative and complete process that progresses from our first conversation to your welcome home. Contact me to get started now.

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