Connecting people and growing businesses through shared experiences!

    An Out-of-the-Box Marketing Strategy for Out-of-This-World Growth

    My brand-building group trips are perfect for businesses large and small that rely on brand loyalty to prosper. 

    This is for you if:

    Your customers share a deep affinity for your product, or have shared interests -- like wine or food, hiking, cycling, scuba diving, fine cars or art. You want to reap the benefits of an aura of exclusivity for your brand. On a group trip, your best customers get exclusive access to you -- your knowledge and expertise. That's HUGE!

    You know your customers love what you have to offer and you want to capitalize on their enthusiasm with a group trip that will foster deeper ties, increase referrals, and inspire brand loyalty for life. 

    I Plan. You Play. Your Business Prospers.

    Here's how it works:

    Find Your Happy Travels will work with you to design a group travel experience that aligns with your brand and enthuses your customers. For example, a wine store can put together a wine-themed river cruise through the verdant wine regions of Italy.

    green grass field during golden hour

    You'll promote the trip to your customers however you see fit - through flyers, social media campaigns, emails, and/or info nights - until you fill the group block.

    I'll take care of all the booking details for you and your customers. You just sit back, relax and enjoy the trip - simultaneously growing your business! 

    If you're ready to create real, lasting connections within your own group, then schedule your complimentary consultation call now.

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