Have you put together an itinerary but feel a little unsure about it?

    Doing the research to plan a trip is something you love! I know how overwhelming it can be to craft an itinerary with second- and third- hand sources. Plus, all too often every place sounds amazing. If you're worried you've left out important sights, hidden highlights, or want some personalized recommendations, my itinerary review service might be just what you need. 

    As your trusted Travel Advisor, I will review your itinerary and offer recommendations that will smooth out logistics, identify optimal alternative stops, and provide additional suggestions that align with your interests, all which maximize your time and money.

    How it works

    I'll make it easy for you to feel 100% confident with your trip plans. Simply contact me and arrange to submit your draft itinerary. Once I've received the itinerary I will send you a questionnaire and ask any other specific questions I might have, plus send you an invoice. After receiving payment and the questionnaire back, I will analyze. We will set up a time for a phone or video chat to review my detailed recommendations. If you prefer, these can be sent via email.'

    My itinerary review fee starts at $49.00 payable by credit card. 

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