If you're a woman travelling alone, or thinking of travelling alone, this is for you...

    Maybe you dream of travelling, but you don't have a partner, or anyone else with the time, money or same passion. Maybe you do have a partner, but your partner isn't interested in travelling. Are you agonizing over taking the leap of a first solo trip?

    Perhaps you are a veteran solo female traveller but you're tired of doing it all alone. Or just plain busy and need to take care of priorities. Let me take the planning off your plate. The itinerary can be as detailed as you like.

    Let me help!

    I design epic adventurous getaways for busy professsional women.

    Whether you need help picking a destination or have somewhere specific you've been daydreaming about, I can work collaboratively with you to design an itinerary that matches your sense of adventure, while making you feel confident to strike out on your own. 

    Whether a newbie or a veteran solo female traveller, and whether you're thinking a short break or a bigger bucket list trip, you can be sure you will experience authentic culture and uncover hidden gems, while traveling in a way that is safe, enjoyable, exciting and primed to help you connect with others of like-mind! 

    I provide ethical and expert advice, inspiration, suggestions, logistical planning, coaching and tips to put together a custom itinerary just for you.Or if you prefer to travel with a group, I can find the best match for you.

    I can connect either online or in person to start the process with a complimentary 30-minute planning session.

    When you travel with me, you may be solo but you will never be alone.

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