If you are ready to experience a destination like never before, don't rule out a tour - whether it's self-guided, private or small-group. No more trying to find your way out of an unfamiliar airport, no more wondering if the hotel you choose will meet your needs upon arrival, no more fumbling with maps and looking like the proverbial tourist in the streets of an unfamiliar city, a tour, removes all of that for you and provides many additional benefits.

    Looking to experience authentic local culture? To sample new experiences? No, you won't be herded around - but instead assisted, supported, empowered, educated - all the bases will be covered so that even in the most intense of destinations you will be able to settle in and let you trip unfold as it should. If you have additional considerations - women traveling alone or vegetarian travel or vegan travel - traveling in this manner can ensure you are looked after and you won't be stressing about safety or if you can eat something tasty.

    Want to explore group travel tour options or look at your different planned tour options? As with any of my trips, your experience will be vetted to be eco-friendly and ethical . Contact me today and let's find the perfect match of destination and experience just for you!

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