River and Small-Ship Cruising

    "There is a cruise for everyone but not every cruise is for everyone." -Mark Conroy

    There's a timeless allure to traveling by ship—relaxing on deck and watching the world go by, feeling the wind in your hair, greeting the day in a new port after cruising overnight. The journey is truly part of the destination.

    Small cruise ships take travelers where big ships simply cannot, such as to the exotic Galapagos Islands, where colorful birds and reptiles make their home in this remote location. Small cruise ships also visit "mainstream" locales, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii and the Mediterranean¦ but because the ships are able to maneuver in small coves and channels, they can dock at more intimate ports, making for a fascinating travel experience.

    Small cruise ships are intimate ships carrying no more than 150 passengers, with leisurely time in picturesque ports of call and the chance to travel to diverse destinations without unpacking and repacking a suitcase. These are just a few reasons why you should consider a small ship cruise.

    In regards to solo travel for women, a small ship cruise is a great choice. The set up means you'll have company and camaraderie when you like it. And more and more companies are catering to women traveling alone, with special benefits and activities. As well, small ship cruises can be a superb option for vegan travel. But in both cases you have to know which are the companies that do this of course. I have done the research, made the needed and connections and can match you with the cruise vacation that is best for you!

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