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Calling all women travelling alone... Maybe you're not there yet though. You want to 'get away'. You don't have a friend or partner to travel with. But the thought of being a solo female traveler can be intimidating. Let me help. I would love to help you find the ideal destination and create an itinerary that fuels your sense of adventure, while making you feel confident to get out there on your own. We can make a plan that's as detailed as you like. When you travel with me, you may be solo but you will never be alone.

Whether just a short break or a bigger bucket list trip, you can be sure you will experience authentic culture and uncover hidden gems, while traveling in a way that is safe, enjoyable, exciting and primed to help you connect with others of like-mind! I have personal experience as a solo female traveler in a number of different countries, a knowledgeable network and the intuition that will allow me to find the perfect place for you at this time.

I provide ethical and expert advice, inspiration, suggestions, logistical planning, coaching and tips to put together a custom itinerary just for you. I can connect either online or in person for an initial consultation, planning and support. Solo travel for women is one of my passions and I'd be honored to work with you!

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