Intention-Setting Call

    FREE intention-setting calls for travellers✨🛩

    You’re already an experienced traveller. I get it! You’ve been to multiple countries and live your life on the move. But have you ever wanted to intentionally plan a trip that was not only fun, but life-changing as well?

    It’s not enough to simply book the trip and hope for the best. The key to transformational travels is being intentional with your desires. What areas of your life are you happy with? Where would you like to improve? Let’s customize your travel. As a transformational travel specialist I empower people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life through their travel experiences. I believe everyone deserves to be happy, yet many fail to achieve this. 🦄

    Ultimately our intentions are a map that guide us to where we need to be. Intentions set at the beginning of a process are carried through the ups and downs. Repetition and attention to the intentions become a form of prayer. This prayer can help you become closer to purpose and a higher power, ultimately creating the life you want and the connection you desire. 🍾🥂

    🌟I am offering a limited number of free one-to-one 30 minute intention setting calls. 🔥

    In this call I will help you:

    *clarify purpose and set intentions you genuinely believe in and can accomplish in a limited time frame.

    *create conditions for a more impactful trip.

    *anticipate and plan for potential challenges

    All I expect from you is a desire to get more from your travels and follow through with a testimonial if you find our time together helpful.

    The world needs more happy me if you’d like to be one of them and grab one of the free spots!